One of those dull and embarrassing first blogpost posts that doesn’t tell you anything useful.

by awindram

Maybe it’s arrogance or just appalling taste, but I’ve decided to start keeping a blog. So, here it is!  A little corner of the internet that will be forever Windram.  A virtual notebook where my random thoughts, observations and poor grammar are laid bare.

I’ll be honest, there’s no compelling reason why you or anyone else should read this blog, but you may be curious about why I’ve started it.

You see, I was born and raised in a particular place. But when fully grown and mature, I left this particular place to go to another place. Now that second place was nice, I liked it. It was, I would like to assure you, a very nice place indeed. But even though this second place was nice, there was a third place, which was a much bigger place, that was often in my thoughts. Now this third place was where I was pretty certain I was going to end up living – and I did. And it was great, and it was exciting, and I loved it, and place-wise, I thought I was done. I had found my place and I was very much comfortable with it and in it. But then, as people have a habit of doing in places, I met someone. She lived in the same place as me, this comfortably exciting place, but she was originally from a completely different place. And her original place was not like my original place where you could just hop on a bus or a train and get to it in a few hours. No, she was from one of those places where you needed a passport and a visa and a plane ticket to get there. And for reasons too dull and too personal  for this blog we ended up moving to this place of hers, or near enough to it. Of course, we didn’t stay there. Oh no, we then had to go to another place that was far, far away from either of our original places. That was confusing, but we weren’t at that place for long. It was just a temporary sort of place for us; a holding-pen kind of place. And now we’re in yet another place, a place I never thought I’d be, a place that isn’t very exciting and that constantly leaves me confused. An archetypal American sort of place. A place that makes me feel…well, out-of-place. So, yeah, I’m a little turned around by it all. I guess what I’m saying – in an extremely roundabout way – is that this is another expat-struggling-with-being-an-expat type blog.