Cally Road

by awindram

 Hadn’t really intended to post today, but that was before someone drew my attention to this amazing sound map of Caledonian Road  by Alan Dein that is currently on the Guardian website.

Yeah, I know, I know…I told you all that this blog was going to be about my life abroad and yet here I am not even one week into its existence and I’m linking to a piece about a street in London. But I lived off the Cally for a good few years, it’s the stretch of London that I know best. I could keep living in other parts of the world but I’d doubt I’d find anywhere with quite the same pecuilar exuberance of Cally.

So, check it out. It’s a sound map about that long street near Kings Cross you’ve never really given much thought to. I know going on that description it sounds uninspiring, but it’s anything but.

And to think I lived there all that time and never got to bump into the legend that is Dave Elvis.