Return of the Mac

by awindram

The match I most wanted to see today was FC Twente’s victory against NAC Breda. Unfortunately, the Eredivisie is not one of the dozens of football leagues that I get through either Fox Soccer or Gol TV so I was stuck with Liverpool’s meek surrender against Chelsea.

I’m pleased for Steve McClaren that his reputation has to a large extent been rehabilitated thanks to his time in the Netherlands. Unlike a fair number of Boro fans who have always been…well, apathetic towards McClaren, I’ve found that despite his faults, despite Gary Neville against Croatia, despite even the disastrous dalliance with Max Clifford, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for ol’ Stevie and so I should considering that run to the UEFA cup final. So it probably won’t surprise anyone that for the last two seasons, the two seasons where I’ve been out of the UK, I’ve found myself making a regular point of looking at the Dutch football results for how Twente have fared. It’s certainly been more enjoyable than checking out Boro’s latest travails.

I know that for large swathes of the English media, not to mention the country’s football supporters, he’ll need more success than just a solitary championship in what is now sadly classed by many as a second-tier league to completely eradicate the wally with the brolly persona, but it should mean that no one can seriously claim McClaren is a joke of a manager; his dutch accent, however, remains pant wettingly hilarious.