Mildly diverting things a clueless immigrant learnt this week

by awindram

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  1. Pabst blue ribbon:
    Ordering Pabst Blue Ribbon in a bar is not big and it is not clever. Also, pouring it straight out of the can and into a glass gets you laughed out the bar.
  2. Tic-tac-toe:
    Tic-tac-toe is what Americans call noughts and crosses. I mentioned here why I was cool with the whole soccer / football mix-up, but renaming noughts and crosses? For shame!
  3. Today Show:
    That woman who appears each morning  on TV to be psychologically abused by Kathie Lee Gifford isn’t, as I thought, called Yoda.  She is, in fact, called Hoda. Whether she has jedi-esque powers are yet to be confirmed.

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