More mildly diverting things a clueless immigrant learnt this week

by awindram

  1. Black widow spiders:
    Black Widow spiders are a lot smaller than I assumed they were – which is good; Black Widow spiders are near the house – which is bad. Never being one for a fair fight, I prefer it when spiders can’t bite back.
  2. The conundrum of a clueless British immigrant buying a mars bar: 
    When I want a Mars bar I have to remember to get a Milky Way bar and when I want a Milky Way bar I have to remember to get a Three Musketeer bar. I just keep ending up with a Snickers bar – far less confusing.
  3. Restless Leg Syndrome:
    Apparently those adverts for Restless Leg Syndrome are not spoofs and Restless Leg Syndrome is not a snarky term for walking.

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