Further mildly diverting things a clueless immigrant learnt this week

by awindram

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  1. Roundabouts:
    If you think your town is going to be prettier by scattering a few roundabouts here and there, do make sure your townsfolk actually know how to navigate them. It’d be a lot quicker and a lot safer if they remembered to use those turn signal “thingies” the car comes with. If they don’t signal, I don’t know whether they’re planning on exiting the roundabout or if they just want to stay on it all day long as a cheap alternative to taking the kids to the fairground to ride the teacups.
  2. Kellog’s crunchy nut cornflakes:
    I’ve read The Road to Wellville, I’ve even seen the poor film adaptation where Anthony Hopkins is acted off the screen by his moustache, so I’m well aware that Kellogg’s is an American company. Why then can’t I find Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cornflakes over here in the US? Stop denying Americans the good stuff, Kellogg’s! It’s the closest thing you have to crack and you know it. Push it right and we can get this nation hooked on the stuff.
  3. Still confused about the point of Larry King:
    Just as the BBC’s Blue Peter had George the tortoise for many years so has CNN had Larry King, an antediluvian giant turtle with his own talk show. After 25 years, Larry the turtle is to go into hibernation from the network this fall. Having been unfortunate enough to catch some of his show (not as entertaining as you’d think considering it’s a reptile with his own talk show) I’d be grateful if someone could explain whether Larry the turtle is a news journalist slumming it or an entertainment journalist with pretensions. Rumours abound that a lizard-y Brit is to take over Larry’s show. Representatives for the Geicko Gecko have been tight-lipped about his chances.

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