The answer, my friend, is mildly diverting things a clueless immigrant learnt this week

by awindram

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  1. Farenheit:
    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to think in Farenheit as opposed to Celsius. The weather here has been consistently hitting over 100 degrees of late. That just sounds crazy to me. 100 degrees should see cement blister, oceans boil and eyeballs burst. It shouldn’t result in me needing a frozen lemonade.
  2. Burglarize:
    Can news anchors stop saying “burglarize”? It sounds so leaden when compared to “burgle” and I’ll be buggerized if I’m going to start using it.
  3. Take me out to the ball game:
    Why must we sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the 7th inning stretch? We’re already at the ball game and, what’s more, it’s nearly over. It’s a little redundant asking to be taken to the ball game when you’re at said ball game and not far off leaving it.

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