When life gives you Lenin, make Leninade

by awindram

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Oh, Dept. of Homeland Security, you cheeky little tricksters, you sneaky little buggers. What a ruse! So simple and yet so brilliant. How did I fall for it, and how did McCarthy not think of it? The perfect way of smoking out those among us who haven’t fully embraced all aspects of American life and are still tainted by Socialist pasts.* On supermarket shelves throughout the country you’ve placed your cleverly designed soda bottles – Leninade – knowing that every true-born American would smash such a product in patriotic outrage**, while those that buy – un-American commies to a man – can be herded into FEMA prisons.  

You may want to work on the flavour though. Not sure one-third Lenin’s embalming fluid to two-thirds lemonade is a winner.

*All of Europe is Socialist. A man at a Rodeo told me. He was wearing a cowboy hat so it has to be true.

**True Americans drink Mr Pibb.

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