Things I don’t quite understand or “get” or that scare me about the US

by awindram

  •  [tweetmeme source=”awindram” only_single=false]Two and a half men
  • Jaywalking
  • Corn syrup (ubiquitous use of)
  • Neighbourhoods that go crazy for Halloween
  • Firearms (availability of)
  • Who, when and how much to tip
  • That there’s a Midwest but not a Mideast
  • Sales tax not being included in the marked price
  • Country music
  • Chocolate and peanut butter
  • Katie Couric
  • Toaster ovens
  • USA Today
  • Unimaginative choice of crisp (chip) flavours available.
  • Renaissance Fairs
  • Ira Glass
  • Presidential elections that seem to go on for two years
  • That a dime is smaller than a nickel
  • Greyhound customer service reps
  • People who pronounce Target (the store) “tar-shay” as if they were Parisian
  • Dave Barry columns – sorry, was I meant to laugh?
  • Weird state alcohol laws
  • Preponderance (compared to the UK) of straight, white guys with moustaches
  • Eating Christmas dinner a whole month early at Thanksgiving
  • That horrible split-second when you overhear an old woman mentioning her fanny and you think she’s talking about her…
  • “Whacky” weather men
  • College sports
  • Larry the Cable Guy
  • The DMV
  • What makes Swedish Fish so darn Swedish?
  • That so-called Soccer Moms know sweet FA about soccer. You try having a conversation about Arsenal v Sunderland with them.
  • Light beers
  • Late night chatshows shown every weeknight
  • That there’s nothing rapscallion about a rascal scooter
  • The Texas State Board of Education
  • That it is assumed that I love Raymond

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