Prohibited items

by awindram

 [tweetmeme source=”awindram” only_single=false] As anyone who has flown in the US knows, you can’t beat the TSA for paranoia, expertly crafting an environment where passengers look suspiciously at fellow passengers’ water bottles and shoes, and where you may find yourself sweating in fear while your bottle of contact lens solution is chemically tested by an official. However, you may be surprised to find the country’s smaller airports can be a little more relaxed about things. Heck, they might even supply you with a handy glass case containing a selection of weapons you shouldn’t try bringing on the plane – because sometimes a poster just isn’t enough.

Prizes (not really) for the best “more items coming shortly” suggestions. I’m thinking: loaded gun, samurai sword, vial of anthrax and a copy of the Koran.

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