The single girl’s guide to meeting European men

by awindram

[tweetmeme source=”awindram” only_single=false]The always excellent Videogum is a site that keeps on giving. Today it featured this video for The single girl’s guide to meeting European men – go to Europe would seem to be the bloody obvious answer.

Anyway, if you do feel that an empty, messy, meaningless hook-up is intrinsically more exciting because it takes place in Oslo rather than Oregon, here’s a five-step guide to how you can achieve hooking up with  an oversexed European male*, and unlike Katherine Chloe Cahoon, I won’t charge you $10 for the privilege.
1. Go to Europe (I’d suggest you want to go somewhere like Scunthorpe, Darlington, Hull and Luton for the true European romantic experience. Maybe even a club 18-30 trip to Magaluf).
2. Find a bar.
3. Get drunk in bar.
4. Find a local who is both as drunk and preeningly narcissistic as you.
5. Mention you’re there because you’ve erroneously concluded that sleeping with men with a different passport from you makes you intrinsically more interesting.

*Apparently we’re all much the same as one another European males. According to this video European men love the  challenge of the running of the bulls. It’s true. I was always doing that back home – we love that in Hartlepool, can never get enough of it.