Piers Morgan: a warning from history

by awindram

[tweetmeme source=”awindram” only_single=false] I’ve long admired the practice, established in the aftermath of World War II, for the incumbent Mayor of Hiroshima to be more than just a municipal administrator, but also a global ambassador in promoting peace and nuclear disarmament. Over the years, one of the duties of the Mayor has been to write a letter to a government each time their military has carried out nuclear testing pointing out the immense human loss that comes with the dropping of a nuclear bomb.

Watching Piers Morgan make his debut on CNN this evening as the replacement for Larry King’s replacement, I found  myself thinking about those letters. Letters intended so that others can learn from the mistakes of the past and the sufferings of the innocent. In giving a show to Morgan, trying to make him something of an American news institution as Larry King was, do CNN fully know what they’re unleashing upon the American people? Do the American people really know anything about Morgan other than the Cowell-esque platitudes or put-downs they’ve heard him utter on America’s Got Talent? Do people seriously see faint English charm where we, in the words of Charlie Brooker, see “a nightmarish experimental pig-man raised in a lab by a depressed scientist”?  That Morgan, a man who encapsulates and personifies all that is worst about tabloid Britain – from its penchant for xenophobia (the Mirror’s headlines during Euro 96), its greed (the Viglen scandal), its malicious pettiness (having Ian Hislop followed for 6 month after Hislop achieved the not so difficult task of making Morgan look like a cunt on national TV), its stupidity and arrogance (Morgan sacked over hoax pictures) – ends up with one of the most high-profile talk shows in the US isn’t just depressing – it’s corrosive.  Now, I’m not the Mayor of Hiroshima, but I am Mayor of my local Denny’s on Foursquare so I’m pretty certain that grants me the moral authority to write a letter to Turner Broadcasting and Time Warner imploring them to abolish nuclear weapons Piers Morgan-fronted TV shows.