Obama Bin Laden Dead … hang on a moment …

by awindram

[tweetmeme source=”awindram” only_single=false] I don’t know whether it is gross incompetence, mischievousness or a Freudian slip, but this just flashed across my television screen.

Though a Fox affiliate, the station (KTXL aka Fox40) is Tribune owned so maybe we should chalk this one down to incompetence. Perhaps realising that news of this stature was clearly too big for them to do proper justice, they decided to let the big boys step in. Now being a Fox affiliate the big boys that they called on were Fox News and a bushy-lipped Geraldo Rivera, and as sure as Al Capone’s vault is a treasure trove, you can trust Geraldo. He’ll do right by you. He’s a smooth mother with a sharp mind. I mean, Fox40 are probably just Sacramento hicks who were out of their depth, it’s amazing that they could find anyone who could actually type out that headline. If anything, we should be applauding them for getting the “Bin Laden” part of the name right rather than critiquing them for getting the President of the United States mixed up with the leader of Al-Qaeda. I mean we’ve all done it at some point, got the President of the United States mixed up with the leader of Al-Qaeda.  It’s easy to do. One is a bearded, Saudi terrorist leader hiding (until recently) in Pakistan while the other is the clean-shaven, Hawaii-born (allegedly) African-American leader of the free world. You can see where the confusion would arise. You might as well just call them Mary-Kate and Ashley. They’re two peas in a pod.  It’s like a really bleak, geo-politically sensitive version of The Prince and the Pauper. So thankfully KTXL were able to move to a Fox News feed. Daddy Geraldo was going to show the kids how a proper journalist reports major news. This is why he earns the big bucks.
Erm …  this one I’m classifying as a Freudian slip.

Edit: Edit to add the Geraldo clip as a You Tube clip as Vimeo doesn’t seem to work on iPhones.

Further Edit: As this seems to be getting a degree of attention, and other shots of Fox40’s boo boo are being disseminated across the internet, it seems only fair to me to reiterate that Fox40 is Tribune owned and not Fox owned. Tribune being the owners of the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and others newspapers. I see that a lot of the web is painting this as being a Fox News mistake (understandable on simply viewing the photograph) but that’s really rather disingenuous as the truth is a little more complex.