Reflections: Trivial trivia

by awindram


Back when Patty Turner opened her diner on K street she thought that she should put a little book of questions on each table. She figured it would be a fun and diverting activity for her customers as they waited on their orders. So with the help of her grandson Aaron – who tutored her in how to conduct a google search – Patty went about compiling her book of trivia. When she was finished she found that she had produced a 20 page booklet of questions. At the FedEx office she had 50 copies of the booklet laminated, along with 100 copies of the diner’s menu. Without fully realising it, Patty told a lot about herself through the questions she had selected for the booklet: the page of Pumpkin-related questions spoke of her love of fall and Thanksgiving; the page of America-related questions spoke of her quietly observed patriotism; and question 2 in the miscellaneous section spoke about her disdain for yuppie scum.


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