An Election Tied

by awindram

Typical Slate. Always ruining things and demystifying any wonder.

I had thought the issue of the candidates’ ties was the one area there was coordination and collusion among the two campaign teams. Shadowy figures meeting in smoky* backrooms where they conspire over sartorial decisions.

Let’s consider the evidence:

First debate: Obama in blue, Romney in red.
VP Debate: Both men wearing ties with blue and red patterns.
Second debate: Obama in red, Romney in blue.**

Just like how they knot their ties, it all seems a little too neat. My prediction for the final debate is for red and blue to be merged into one as both candidates wear ties with some degree of purple in them.

EDIT MADE AS THE DEBATE TAKES PLACE: For the third debate they’ve gone back to blue for Obama and red for Romney. Though there seems to be purple stripes to Romney’s tie (again, it’s in the English-style) However, if I’m now in the conspiracy game I’ll just change facts to suit my hypothesis. Again, the candidates’ tie choices seem to have been coordinated. This conspiracy could go deep.

* Although the smokey room is now nothing more than dated cliche. If anything these meetings, which probably take place in some conference room in a Marriott with a no smoking policy, are likely fuelled by energy drinks and coffee. Shame, take away the smoke and you a visually less appealing image for any future movie.

**Though the Daily Show did point out that the stripes in Romney’s tie were in the English-style and not the American-style. In this matter there are no shared Anglo-Saxon values. Don’t think that decision will play well with the very tie-literate Ohio electorate.