Bloody baseball, bloody God, and the recycling of an old post

by awindram

I could have written a new post about the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series, but there is little I have to add to the post I wrote when they won two years ago, other than the observation that God is a bastard, a big ruddy-faced bastard. Not only did He see fit to have me born into a town, region and country that will never produce championship-winning soccer teams, He has also in the last five years made sure that wherever in the continental US I am living, the nearest baseball team that I have the most extreme negative reaction against – the Yankees, the Phillies, the Giants – will then go on to win the World Series. Annoyingly, this results in me having to pretend to be delighted in other people’s happiness.

It would seem, however, that God does, in fact, have a plan for us all – it’s just a cruel and sadistic one of minor import. What a cheeky bastard!

Oh yeah, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants. Did that sound sincere enough?