Presidential Election Drinking Games

by awindram

A lot of people seem to be googling “election drinking games” and arriving at this blog. That’s entirely due to this post I wrote for a proposed drinking game for the 2010 UK general election. If anyone was foolish enough to try to follow that overly complicated drinking game back in ’10, I doubt that they’re still with us. In memory of those brave souls, these are the three different games you may want to consider for tomorrow night.

Game 1: Cry Wolf.

For the committed CNN viewers among you this one is the simplest. Whenever this haunting face turns up on your screen cry “Wolf” and take a drink – God knows you’ll need it.

Game 2. FiveThirstyEight.

One for those of us who have spent the last three months compulsively reading Nate Silver‘s FiveThirtyEight blog. All you need to do on this one is when Silver gets a prediction for a state right, take a drink of beer. However, when he gets a prediction wrong, take a shot of liquor.

Forecast: 34.6% chance you’ll end the evening having your stomach pumped.

Game 3. The trickle-down effect.

This is a Romney-centric game. While not a complicated game in terms of rules, it does require you to build a champagne glass fountain, but hey, who doesn’t have two dozen champagne glasses hidden around the apartment? Here’s a handy how-to guide.


Once you have your champagne fountain ready, pour a dozen or so bottles of bubbly into the top glass. Each time a state is declared for Romney drink a glass. Each time a pundit mentions “Romney” and “auto industry bailout” in the same sentence drink a glass. Each time a pundit mentions Mormonism drink a glass. If you do this one right, not only do you have a fun drinking game, you also have a really expensive game of Jenga. This game is perfect for both Boca Raton Republicans and Champagne socialists.