My Election Prediction

by awindram

I bet Nate Silver doesn’t even use a cat for his forecasting. That really is shoddy data collecting on his part.

Being a legal alien, I don’t get to vote, so instead of going to the polling station this was I how spent my morning engaging in the democratic process – getting the cat’s prediction for the election.

If a squirrel can make a prediction, then we’re going to have a crack at it too.

On the evidence of that, I think it’s clear that we’re in for a repeat of 2000. A close election that may have to go to the Supreme Court.

On a personal level, Winston disclosed to me that he was initially leaning towards Romney. Winston, after all, aspires to being a fat cat, and is also under the misapprehension that Romney’s first name is “Mittens” which he finds very relatable. However, Winston was very alarmed to hear about Seamus being put on the roof of the Romneys’ car – even if Seamus was a dog. Winston, as the vet will testify, doesn’t care much for healthcare. And this is why we don’t give the vote to cats.