Asses and Elephants: A (Probably) Final Election Post

by awindram

“Those that despise people will never get the best out of others and themselves.”
Alexis de Tocqueville

I think I’ve been rather self-indulgent (although is there anything more self-indulgent and navel-gazing than a blog?) with the election posts that I’ve been inflicting, but I also feel I should, at least, have the decency of putting up a concluding post on here.

What I am going to do, which is probably irritating for the three of you who follow me on twitter, is reproduce some of my tweets from last night. I do like (with some reservations) the immediacy of twitter, so I think it may be more interesting to put that on here, rather than a more considered post on last night’s election:


This American remake of The Day Today is pretty much pitch perfect. Oh wait, it’s CNN.

Quietly enjoying C-SPAN‘s coverage. The poor video quality and understated presentation gives it a nice retro vibe. It’s like I’m watching the 1988 election.

These “I voted” stickers Americans get seems a bit infantile. It’s like when I was a little boy and I’d get a sticker and lollipop for being a “brave little soldier” if I had to get an injection at the doctor’s.

John King and his magic wall sounds like a really uninspiring children’s book.

I imagine, if this were antebellum America, James Carville would be the sort of guy who’d take you to a whore house for your first time.

I miss hustings and the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Whatever you think of Romney as a politician, fair play to him for spending this evening caffeine and alcohol free.

And the Empire State Building turns blue.

All of a sudden Fox has gone fascinating and a just little awkward regarding Ohio. Karl Rove has questioned Fox’s call on Ohio. Megyn Kelly and a camera man has had to walk down to chat to the Fox’s stats guys. In fairness to the Fox stats guys, they gave a good account of themselves in a strange situation. FNC should get these stat guys in front of the camera more often.

I don’t get the twitter criticism of Romney taking his time in conceding. Maybe he’s reflecting on events? Talking to his campaign staff? And that’s fair enough.

Thought a man outside my window was shouting America in a pained voice. “Dude, it’s only an election,” I thought. “Some you win, some you lose. That’s life.” Then realized he was actually shouting after his daughter – Erica.

Can someone arrange it for me to have an evening drinking bourbon with James Carville? Saw him once in Philadelphia. In Rittenhouse Sq. I was on a bus. He was outside Barnes & Nobel. The whole thing was like something out of The Graduate.

Anything fun occur on the BBC coverage. Something, perhaps, to rival Gore Vidal’s takedown of Dimbelby (D) in ’08? I think I prefer that argument to Vidal versus Buckley – or Hayes versus Chisora.

Democrat or Republican, the important thing to remember America is that SkyFall is out this weekend.

Like a departing PM having the moving van turn up at number 10, I always find the concession speech rather moving.

Ah, there’s the American exceptionalism. Right at the end. #acceptancespeech

Watching some very happy people in Chicago get hypothermia. #acceptancespeech

And now we cut to the ever anti-climatic Wolf Blitzer.

Tomorrow the yard signs come down. The Romney-Ryan bumper stickers are scraped off.

Fox News is claiming Obama has no mandate. They’re not mentioning that he is cool with mandates and is happy if they become manweddings.

Closing Thought

And that is very much that, the end of my second Presidential election in the States. I am still entirely confused by American politics, though I find myself caught up in the spectacle of it all. 2016 I may have the vote here – a terrifying thought for all .