by awindram

Post from November 11th 2011.

Culturally Discombobulated

My social media feeds, where far too much of my life is “lived”, are split between those celebrating Veterans Day and those observing Remembrance Day. For every American post or tweet extolling the living, there is a British post or tweet remembering the dead.   

As one cannot help but think back to World War I on November 11th, I’m reminded of a post I wrote early on in this blog’s existence about the differences in attitude, as I perceived them at the time, to World War I between the US and UK. It was an angry post written late at night in response to a glib Men’s Wearhouse advert that was set in the trenches. I surprised myself how angry that advert made me at the time. You can, if you wish, read the rant here, though the  commercial I railed against now appears to have disappeared entirely from the internet.

Or alternatively, your time would be so much better spent reading one of…

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