Hostess no longer with the mostess

by awindram

Box of Twinkies

Box of Twinkies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Farewell then
You will
No more.

Possibly how E. J. Thribb (17 1/2) might pen the news that Hostess Brands, maker of the Twinkie, a cream-filled American icon, is to go into liquidation. It simply couldn’t compete with the rise of Jamie Oliver, and the decline of the stoner.

There are other, less august, Hostess-owned snack cakes too. Each in their own way an indelible – and always edible – part of the American psyche: Ho Hos and Ding Dongs, Chull Chums and Morsel Schlongs, Fat Franks and Jammy Jacks, Nubbin Chews and Custard Chuckers, Wingdoodles and Batter Suckers. All now consigned to the big cake tin in the sky.

On a personal level, I ate a Twinkie once – it was no Spotted Dick. Yet, it is still hard not to feel personally affected by the death of the Twinkie. After all, surviving the End Times without a life-time supply of Twinkies is going to be so much more difficult now.