US – UK differences #47: Boozy eggy Christmas drinks

by awindram

US – Eggnog:

Like American puritanism, eggnog’s birthplace is in East Anglia, and like American puritanism the mother country has long since washed its hands of it, though still very popular in the US.  It’s certainly not worth rioting over, however.

Tasting like a runny, slightly off custard, a basic recipe can be found here.

Warning: drinking homemade eggnog may cause salmonella.

UK – Snowball:

Kingsley Amis called the snowball “a fearful drink”. He was right. Lime-juice and carbonated lemonade are added to Advocaat – a creamy Dutch liquor made from eggs – for an overly sweet cocktail. Had gone out of fashion with James Callaghan’s premiership, but hipsters and Nigella Lawson have lately been trying to repopularize it – this can’t be allowed.

Basic recipe can be found here.

Warning: drinking a snowball may cause ovophobia.