by awindram

Addendum to today’s earlier post:

As I jotted down some brief notes today on college football, I was looking into both teams playing tonight’s championship game. What caught my attention the most was the Notre Dame mascot – the leprechaun.

While it seems a terribly unimaginative choice (as well as displaying the worst aspects of plastic Paddydom and cultural appropriation), it’s also a missed opportunity for something a little more interesting. My conclusion, which I will be explaining in great detail to the two Notre Dame alums I homebrew with (I’m sure it will be enthusiastically received) is that the school could, and really should, play on the Notre Dame name and have the Virgin Mary as the team mascot. A big burly Virgin Mary leading chants and cheering touchdowns. An added bonus of this is that the school nickname could become the Fighting Virgins which unlike the Fighting Irish would be a nickname that wouldn’t be trading on negative stereotypes of another nationality, but would instead be, at least in my sorry experience, an apposite description of university life.

It would also be unique amongst mascots. Something a little different from the usual lines of wildcats, lions, panthers, and bulldogs. Although Connecticut may have them beat with their mascot – Jonathan. I have no idea what or who Jonathan is. This shot from wikipedia didn’t supply me with that information. The truth is probably very disappointing and he is a jaguar or an eagle or a dog. I don’t want to know the truth, however. He’s just Jonathan. That’s good enough for me. I assume he’s not a mountaineer or pirate, because rival mascots in the division are and they feel it important enough to cite this fact. Jonathan has nothing interesting to put to his name. I’d like to think that Jonathan is just some guy that comes to the games. He’s got a dead-end job in insurance and everyone feels sorry enough for him that they’ve made him a mascot. He’s not really in on the joke, however.


This is the Jonathan I envisage.