by awindram

It was heartening seeing ursine blogger Andrew Sullivan link to Noseybonk at the always superlative The Dabbler. Noseybonk, in his ongoing series on blogmanship, contends that nothing “will cut any trueborn Englishman to the quick” quite like calling him European.

I must be in the minority as I’ve always been decidedly unbothered when the e-word has been directed at me by Americans. Even “Eurotrash” has made an appearance or two and, despite its nominally epithetic pith, I rather like being described as such. I think it invests me with a certain continental insouciance despite an adolescence not spent smoking Gauloises or dancing with dark-haired girls called Odile. Northern monkey I find far more objectionable.




Noseybonk’s “Blogmanship – Or, How To Win Arguments On The Internet Without Really Knowing What You Are Talking About” can be purchased here