by awindram

This is a post I wrote two years ago about how to survive a Super Bowl party. It turns out it was an act of social hari kari as I’ve not been invited to a Super Bowl party since. Still, some may still find it diverting.

Culturally Discombobulated

[tweetmeme source=”awindram” only_single=false] IN HIS PREVIOUS LIFE Clueless Immigrant never had to worry himself about the Super Bowl. It was a strange, foreign sporting event of a strange, foreign game that held little appeal for him. On a few occasions, however, he did attempt watching it.  Normally some channel in the UK would show the game, but with the time difference and Clueless’s lack of knowledge he would normally be fast asleep before the end of the first quarter. For Clueless, the Super Bowl was just an oddity. It was something, a bit like eating a durian, that you tried for the experience and in order to learn a little about another culture, but it wasn’t something you enjoyed or would willingly try again. But now that Clueless is in the States, the Super Bowl, like American cultural Imperialism, is inescapable. Clueless is by no means an expert at football, if he’s honest it’s his least favourite of the major North American sports, so with that in mind here’s his non-experty , non-fact-based survival guide for the Super Bowl:


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