by awindram

Last year’s pancake batter…

Culturally Discombobulated

Depending upon your point of view, yesterday was Shrove Tuesday or it was Mardi Gras. So are they the same thing and am I just making minor quibbles over the difference? No, I don’t think so.

If, for you, yesterday was Mardi Gras, then perhaps you found yourself on Bourbon Street having a wonderful time chundering and dancing the night away, or perhaps, more prosaically, Mardi Gras involved someone in the office handing you some plastic beads in a token gesture. If, however, for you, yesterday was Shrove Tuesday, then your thoughts were probably on higher things – such as cooking pancakes.*

You see, Shrove Tuesday is also Pancake Day, and as I heated up the frying pan to make myself some pancakes I wondered whether I should make myself British** or American-style pancakes, but which is better? People, I think we just might have ourselves a US –…

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