A return to the terrifying world of sign wavers

by awindram

I’ve blogged before about the mechanical sign wavers that are increasingly popular near me; primarily because with their lifeless faces and metronomic sway they’re the stuff of nightmares.

When confronted with an automaton of herself playing the dulcimer, Marie Antoinette was understandably disturbed.

But, at least, that had undeniable artistry to it. These sign wavers, dressed up in clothing from Goodwill, look like their only use would be as a sad sex toy for a horny tramp*. That they can allegedly increase business by up to 10% seems like a sad indictment on the area. Seeing “Lucy” I’m certain I’d lose my appetite for a burrito.

*In fact, they remind me of the always unnerving mannequin displays I would see in the windows of the seedy sex shops when living near Holloway Road.