Baseball is demonstrably duller than cricket

by awindram

That any sports lover could consider cricket dull after this week’s rip-roaring, pulsating Ashes test is beyond me, and yet disappointingly it is this unjust opinion that most of the locals have about the game. I will never be able to convince them of the merits of that final evening session at Durham. I’m sure Cracker Jack-munching baseball fans have to counter similar – although in their case it might actually be true.

At least, that’s what the World Service‘s (always exciting) stats show, More or Less, suggested. Following a page-filler study done by the Washington Post that found for every hour played during an average baseball game only six minutes of that involves actual sporting action takes place. Cricket, according to More or Less, averages a far more febrile ten minutes of action every hour, a full extra four minutes of excitement than you’d find watching baseball. So there we are, baseball is demonstrably duller than cricket. Although if we are being consistent with our logic (we’re not), that would makes kabaddi the world’s most exciting sport.