America Comprehended: The Booth Brothers

by awindram

THE BOOTH BROTHERS: Junius, Edwin, and John – a sort of Nineteenth-Century version of the Baldwins. All actors, it was Edwin who received the most acclaim for his talents, being considered by some the greatest American actor of his generation. John, however, was an attractive romantic lead whose best known theatrical performance, unfortunately, was when he discharged his derringer into the back of President Lincoln’s head at Ford’s Theater. While no Baldwin brother has – at the time of writing – been connected to the attempted assassination of a major US political figure, you’d figure that either Alec or Stephen would be the most likely on that front. Meanwhile, the Booth family genetic predisposition for treading the boards can still be seen today with famed star of British sex comedies Tony Booth (in addition to being father to Cherie Blair) being a direct descendent of Algernon Booth – uncle to Junius, Edwin, and John.