America Comprehended: Chuck Scarborough

by awindram

CHUCK SCARBOROUGH: Long-serving newscaster for the New York area. There’s something quaintly old-fashioned about Scarborough that one can’t help but feel affection towards him. His mannerism and presentation, none too common in this age, is a quietly august one; a reminder of how news broadcasters, before they decided to start acting like your idiot kid brother or flirtatious coworker, once emphasized sounding authoritative. And yet, make no mistake, there is also a twinkle in Scarborough’s eye. A twinkle that may be due to Scarborough’s mind being full of mayhem, murder, and even a dash of apocalyptic imagery. At least, that’s the impression one may get from the ripe pulp novels (with titles such as Aftershock – the basic plot is an earthquake flattens New York) Scarborough has penned. It is strangely endearing to know that as Scarborough reports on New York, he’s also thinking of ways to destroy it – fictionally, of course.