My struggle

by awindram


Conversation overheard while browsing the local secondhand bookstore

Woman 1: Hi, I was looking for . . . well, actually I don’t think you’ll have it in stock, though my husband said you would, but I really doubt it. So I need to get . . . But I really don’t think you’d . . . [awkward laugh] in fact I’ve got a bet on with my husband over whether you’d have this . . .

Woman 2: . . . Oh really?

Woman 1: Yes.

Woman 2: So what is it that you are looking for?

Woman 1: [soft whisper] I was looking to buy a copy of Mein Kampf. [normal volume] I said to him you wouldn’t have it, but he was adamant.

Woman 2: Sorry, we don’t have a copy of it in stock at the moment.

Woman 1: See, that’s what I told him. That you’d never in a million years have it.

Woman 2: [pondering] Well, that’s not really the case, in a way, you both win the bet.

Woman 1: Really?

Woman 2. Yes, you see we’re more than happy to stock it, the only thing is when we have copies of it they sell like hotcakes around here.