Iowa (not be be mistaken for Idaho)

by awindram


It’s the young staffer in charge of organizing O’Malley’s caucus night party that I feel the most for. They probably began this journey with the optimism that maybe, just maybe, their guy could do something special that they were getting in on the ground floor, and, the truth is, it ends on a cold night in Iowa with them putting out for their colleagues in campaign headquarters a pitiable dinner spread of cold Little Caesar pizzas and a Cookie Puss.

As it is, the “O” in Martin O’Malley will now be pronounced as a wistfully sad, drawn-out diphthong, as in “ohhhhhhhh, that didn’t go well, did it?”

Some other thoughts on tonight. In the mid-90s, British band KLF burnt a million pounds as an act of performance art. Twenty years later they may be interested to discover that their work has plagiarized by donators to the Jeb! campaign.

It’s also unclear as to whether the Iowans saw their shadows or not, which kind of sucks as I’m ready for winter to be over.

I also don’t know if I can take ten more months of “feel the Bern” or “Cruz Control” placards and chants.

Oh, and I hope that young staffer is doing okay and is having a good time in this late hour getting disgracefully wasted in downtown Des Moines.