Saint and Sinner

by awindram

Well, that was a dull debate by the Democrats tonight. From a purely entertainment perspective they really can’t compete with the ghoulish menagerie making up the Republican field. As it is, the Bernie and Hilary show plays out like a dull episode of The Odd Couple – and, I don’t mean the Tony Randall – Jack Klugman Odd Couple, we’re talking the Matthew Perry Odd Couple here.

For a more compelling odd couple, here’s a fascinating early 90s clip of Saint and Greavsie that’s making the rounds as they conduct the League Cup draw with the future 45th (and final) President of the United States, Donald “Dark Destroyer” Trump. It’s chilling watching Trump gleefully acknowledge his part in bringing about a cup tie between Manchester United and Leeds United. If you’re willing to allow that mayhem to go ahead, you’re more than happy to go to war with Iran just to watch the world burn. It’s an interesting clip, a bizarre intrusion of brash American razzmatazz in early 90s ITV football coverage. It is ridiculous. Whatever next? Jim Rosenthal duetting with Tony Bennett? Joey from Friends presenting Top Gear?