GOP Debate, 25th February 2016

by awindram

The tenth GOP debate of the cycle. Tenth?!  Familiarity really has bred my contempt for these men. It’s an odd situation in that whoever the Republicans pick, Clinton, despite half-a-lifetime under public scrutiny, may well end up seeming fresher in comparison, purely because the Democratic campaign doesn’t seem to have had such media saturation as the GOP’s. Body language, vocal inflections, the strange gurning faces The Donald pulls, I think I’m done with all these candidates now – and yet I keep finding myself mesmerized by it all. I could have not looked. I’m pretty certain that when Indiana Jones commanded Marion not to look at what was coming out of the Ark of the Covenant it was a broadcast of this debate.

These were some of the thoughts I had while watching it (i.e. a regurgitation of my twitter feed).

Wondering where in Queens Trump will build his Presidential library. Wherever it is, I’m sure it’ll house a single book – a copy of “The Art of the Deal” propped on a velvet pillow embroidered with the name Trump.

CNN cuts to shot of Pres. George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush. She’d gladly take out Cruz, Rubio and Trump.

Kasich talks (again, he’s almost as bad as Rubio and being the child of immigrants) about his father being a postman. Not sure about the Presidency, but I certainly believe Kasich would make for a passionate Postmaster General.

Getting Jeb! vibes from Rubio tonight. Trying to bite but forgotting he’s all gums.

Rubio would be annihilated by Clinton in a debate. To be honest, I think he’d be annihilated by any candidate in a one-on-one debate. Attacking Trump, but looks like he might break into tears himself.

Maria from Telemundo asks Kasich a question, interrupting him from the sly game of Candy Crush he was playing under the podium.

Carson – surgeon by training but an anesthetist by personality.

In fairness, I believe Hugh Hewitt when he says he’s kept up at night by thoughts of religious liberty. Bet it’s annoying being married to him.

Kudos to Hugh Hewitt. In under five minutes he managed to comes across as the most irritating, smug man in the room. That took skills

This Hugh Hewitt interlude is driving me crazy. Remember back to the good days of the first few dates when the broadcasters felt they could get away with nonsense questions such as “what would be your secret service name?” and “which woman would you like to see on American currency?” and the candidates came back with toecurling answers like Thatcher, Mother Teresa, their Mom (obviously, and unfortunately, these were answers to the currency question and not the secret service name question. Can’t we ask some of these again? Out of Assad, Kim Jong-un and Putin who would you fuck, marry, or kill? That sort of thing. Instead we get Hugh Hewitt and his fucking hobby horse.

Carson: “I wish someone would insult me.” Do a twitter search for yourself, Ben, you’re going to be delighted.

Did Carson just say he would look at the “fruit salad of their life”? I’m tired. Surely I misheard.

No, that is something he said. Fruit salad. He’s trolling us now, isn’t he? His continued presence in the campaign is a trolling of the whole country.

Unless fruit salad is an American idiomatic expression that has been passing me by all these years.

Does anyone outside the media bubble actually care about tax returns? I don’t think the GOP base does.

I really look forward to stumbling across this debate in 30 years time when channel surfing C-SPAN.

Wolf Blitzer has all the commanding authority of a substitute teacher.

Carson’s summing up: “Vote for me, Cuba Gooding Jr. once portrayed me in a TV movie. Just look at these hands… soft like a lady’s.”

I’ll say once thing about when we used to have Trump as President; at least the trains always ran on time.

Favorite moment of the night, Donald’s response to CNN anchor on his employing of Polish workers: “It was like thirty years ago. I had the most beautiful head of hair. I’m still doing well, it’s hanging in there.”