The Death of a Party: Super Tuesday, 1st March 2016

by awindram


The modern rolling news networks are obsessed with news as melodrama; everything must be presented as  bombastic and febrile, and yet tonight in CNN’s Super Tuesday coverage there was a genuinely compelling moment- an argument between two of its analysts, Van Jones (a Democrat, former special adviser on environmental issue to the Obama White House who resigned in contentious circumstances) and Jeffrey Lord (CNN’s resident Trump cheerleader, served in the Reagan White House), over the somewhat weak condemnation by Trump of David Duke and the KKK. That moment highlighted for me just how much this Trump campaign acts as a Rorschach test for all of America. When looking at it and Trump, Jones sees a monster, all his darkest fears about America made true, whereas Lord sees Reagan reborn.

This is only going to get messier. First within the Republican party and then in the country at large.

Thoughts I had while watching the Super Tuesday results (i.e. a regurgitation of my twitter feed).

Super Tuesday’s embarrassing full name is Superannuated Tuesday.

Where did Super Tuesday come from? Sounds very ESPN-y to me.

Trump versus Clinton: A choice between the first female to become US President or the first Twitter feed to become US President

Odds on Donald “small hands” Trump delivering his speech tonight while wearing those large foam hands you get at sports stadiums in an effort to troll Rubio?  In fairness, that’s the sort of thing that passes as smart campaign strategy for the Trump team. Sadly, it seems to work.

Watching Axelrod on CNN. Hard to take him seriously as a great strategist as all I can think of is his contribution to last year’s UK election – Ed Miliband’s “am I tough enough? Hell yeah, I’m tough enough” moment.  Axelrod is the Brendan Rogers of campaign managers – helped by an exceptional individual, but nothing without them. For the sake of this analogy that makes Obama the Luis Suarez of Presidential candidates.

If Rubio pulls off some good results tonight, it’ll be the first time anyone has turned around a Presidential campaign by making a dick joke.  Actually, my American history isn’t strong enough to make that claim. Polk could have made a dick joke for all I know.

CNN talking about GOP voters and their feeling of betrayal with the GOP establishment.  I know people in the UK have made comparisons with Corbyn and Sanders, but I do think that what is happening here with Trump is (politics aside) more analogous with Corbyn’s election as Labour leader. Discontent from many in the rank and file with party establishment coupled with the enthusiastic intrusion of outsiders who previously didn’t identify with the party.  This further confirms my thought that Rubio is the American Andy Burnham – and Kasich, obviously, is the American Yvette Cooper.

CNN informs me that Steve Harvey endorses Hillary. Hardly NASCAR, is it? Actually, why is it such a big deal that Trump has the endorsement of key figures of NASCAR? I mean, if the chairman of the ECB stood alongside Ian Botham and Graham Gooch endorsing David Cameron, I’m sure the response would be an emphatic “so what.”

Trump has the NASCAR endorsement. It says a lot about NASCAR’s place within a section of America. If the chairman if the ECB, Ian Booth and Graham Gooch all came out for David Cameron the response would be “so what”.

Just imagine how obnoxious a speech Little Miss Sunshine Rubio will make if he actually wins a Primary.

Bernie leaves the stage to Bowie’s Starman. Somewhat of a Messianic choice.  Even with the rock choice of the most agnostic of American politicians, American politics’ obsession with millenarianism remains.

CNN Projects impending apocalypse.

You really want to be the CNN journo who gets to cover Hillary’s speech in Miami & not the one who covers Bernie’s in Burlington.

Note for Rubio: Don’t try to out troll a troll

Rubio carries on with the eternal optimism of a Jehovah’s Witness who has just had a door closed in his face.

Read a suggestion that Cruz and Rubio band together and run on the same ticket. Surely neither would be the other’s VP at this stage..So perhaps some sort of job share. Cruz to be President on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.Rubio to have it on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. They each have it every other Sunday.   Sitcom-style they draw a line down the middle of the White House. “That’s your side, Marco. You can’t step over the line.”

Chris Christie is the fool to Trump’s Lear

Christie really is shameless.  If it wasn’t so self-serving I’d almost feel sorry for him. But there he is, standing behind Trump for all of Trump’s speech. He looks like the world’s worst security guy.  Not that I actually believe this is Christie standing behind Trump. It’s the alien plant spore that has taken on the bodily form of Christie.

So many bizarre things have been said in this election and yet nothing in the election has been as bizarre as the mute Chris Christie standing behind Trump.

In fairness to Cruz, I really like his line about not being embarrassed by the words your President says and then contrasting Trump’s words with some of the great rhetorical flourishes by past Presidents.

Both Trump and Cruz look like they’d have made awesome Batman villains in the Adam West series.

Little Miss Sunshine wins Minnesota. “Everything’s coming up Marco!”

CNN trying to talk up the Democratic race. “It’s by no means over.” It is, guys. It is. Stick a cigar in it; it’s done.

Big news of the night – Clinton wins American Samoa. “Make American Samoa great again!”

Has anyone heard from Ben Carson tonight? Someone should give him a ring. If he doesn’t answer, ask the cops if they could check on his house to see if he’s okay.

Problem for GOP establishment: Trump nomination or brokered convention. Either option seems like the death of the party.