Who knew the end of the world would be so entertaining?

by awindram

Turns out, now that it is nearly here, that I feel far better about the end of the world than I ever thought I would. At the very least, there’s plenty to watch, to tweet about, to blog about.

Cruz won Maine and Kansas handsomely. Trump squeezed wins in Louisiana and Kentucky. Consistently two-thirds of the Republican electorate are voting for outsider candidates. It is hardly surprising that I am in tears over the Republican primaries – but what is surprising is that the GOP establishment is in tears with me.

The Donald called for Little Miss Sunshine to drop out so it can be a two-man race between himself and Cruz. “I want Ted one-on-one,” he announced at his victory speech. It says something about the tone of this campaign that my first thought on hearing that was to assume it was deliberate innuendo. I’m reduced to thinking everything out of one candidate’s mouth is a thinly disguised remark about their dick. Most of the time it is.

Wanting Little Marco to pull out? Yeah, probably another dick joke. It’s as if Are You Being Served? was running for office.