Fatigue: Dem debate, 9th March 2016

by awindram

CNN has just told me that tonight was a remarkable and exciting debate, but I don’t know, I feel as if I’m incapacitated with debate fatigue at the moment. Best of luck to journos who are forced to have a “hot take” on this one.

Still I watched the debate; hardly anything stuck with me, to be honest. Footage was shown to Sanders of him in the 80s saying positive things about Fidel Castro, Clinton, perhaps in an effort to show humility following last night’s surprising loss in Michigan, is now playing the “I’m not a natural politician” line – by which she means she’s not as charismatic or warm as her husband or Obama. In this she reminds me of some of the observations I tried to make about Romney last week; there’s nothing of the preacher to Hillary.

I came across this children’s book in Barnes and Noble today. Imagine the look of disappointment on the child’s face when they unwrap their birthday present and find this.