GOP Debate, 10 March 2016

by awindram

I was at the theatre this evening to see one of those middle-brow family dramas that the American theatre goer adores and that the critics praise for being “impeccably observed,” or “beautifully wrought.” The play’s premise was a well-worn one: a family Thanksgiving reveals some uncomfortable truths (as well as a penchant for light symbolism on the playwright’s part).

Leaving the theatre I was feeling a little despondent with the world, but thankfully, back home, I had the GOP debate waiting for me as an entertaining pick-me-up where four faintly terrifying men argued for why their finger should be on the nuclear button. The debate was neither beautifully wrought nor impeccably observed, but it was better theatre; albeit, theatre of the absurd.

Rubio performed well. Probably not enough to change Florida next week, it just means that his campaign ended tonight with a surprisingly eloquent death rattle.