Marilynne Robinson on Trump

by awindram

Sleepy ol’ Ben Carson can be a struggle to decipher. Not only does he have that peculiarly soothing whisper of a voice, but he’s a chronic mumbler, so I didn’t quite catch everything he was saying this morning at his public endorsement of Trump*. To my ears it sounded as if he was saying that the Trump that he had gotten to know during the campaign was “super evil” – a point not many would argue with. However, after reading the reports of his endorsement, it turns out he was actually saying that the Trump he had gotten to know during the campaign was “cerebral” – a point a few would argue with.

Meanwhile, someone who is genuinely cerebral, Marilynne Robinson, wrote on America’s favorite vulgarian for The Guardian today.

American elections are long and grueling, just as they ought to be. We will spend months learning how things are with us. This is good and necessary, especially now when divisions in the society are deepening. They are deepening not only because of the stresses of the new economy, which a functioning government would meliorate, or the threats brought on by global disorder, which must be managed and will be, but because fear, anxiety and resentment are the stock in trade of important media and the politicians allied or symbiotic with them.






*Another public emasculation of a former rival by Trump. Christie is the obvious example, but we should’t forget how weak he made Huckabee and Santorum look in having them attend one of his events on the night that he skipped the Fox News debate. It is somewhat uncomfortable; as if he were cuckolding them.