Random Election Thoughts: Ted Cruz Movie Night

by awindram

To be a politician around which a modern election campaign pivots seems a wretched life. There was a time when campaigning meant taking a train across country with the occasional stop at some electorally important, if bumblefuck, town to deliver your stump speech and kiss a few babies. Now its constant cross country flights, garishly emblazoned campaign buses, and, worst of all, the most hateful thing, and the very latest thing to be inflicted on the modern political campaigner – the selfie. Whenever I see one of these saps having to pose with a procession of voters, grinning inanely as if they were just oh-so-delighted at the thought of featuring in @JanetFromTrenton’s poorly pixelated instagram feed, well, my heart – almost – breaks for them. Becoming “leader of the free world” doesn’t seem quite so appealing if the Faustian pact for doing so is pressing cheeks with @JanetFromTrenton.

Ted Cruz is, however, made of sterner stuff and clearly has that special ability to grin inanely at stupid shit he would otherwise have no ability to tolerate.

Take, for example, his recent campaigning in Wisconsin where in an audacious display of sociopathic lying he stood up in a room full of voters and spoke about how delighted he was to watch God is Not Dead 2 with them.

God is Not Dead 2 is a creatively bankrupt cash-grab, it has zero ambition to try and grapple with the mysteries of faith, but instead – through cliches, bad acting and flat cinematography – it seeks to feed a particular demographic’s persecution complex; it has more in common with the Sharknado franchise than it does the Gospel of Mark. Cruz, a fan of The Simpsons and The Princess Bride and so seemingly someone whose pop-culture shit-o-meter is properly calibrated, doesn’t want to watch that movie; campaigning necessitated it a film he had to be seen liking due to the overlap between his natural electorate and that film’s audience. This was worse than a million selfies.