The Northeast Primaries – 26 April 2016

by awindram

“I want to finish it off.” – Donald J. Trump

“I’m, like, a very smart person.” – Donald J. Trump

“Love trumps hate.” Hilary Clinton

GOP – Wins for Trump in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware.

Dem – Wins for Clinton in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware.

Dem – Win for Sanders in Rhode Island

Is this another “Super” Tuesday? As this whole nomination processes churns on into the summer it seems like the cable networks have – thankfully – started to ease up on the hyperbole. It’s possibly due to exhaustion. I’m probably reading far too much into the increasingly lined, gray faces of Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper but their body language tonight didn’t scream so much Super Tuesday as another late Tuesday evening at the office that simply has to be endured.

Could that be a view shared by Republican voters? Is the consolidation that seems to happening around Trump partly out of tiredness that this charade is still dragging on? Not only did Trump convincingly win all of tonight’s states, this week’s polling in the remaining states are looking rosier for Trump than they previously did.

Next week’s Indiana primary will, at least, show whether the Cruz – Kasich pact they announced is in any way effective. Personally, I can’t see an American public that was left so underwhelmed by Batman and Superman teaming up being that excited about Cruz v Kasich: Dawn of Justice.

Both men were quiet tonight, but we did get the return of the Trump swagger. Last week with his fairly restrained speech following his New York win – which cable news was quick to proclaim as Presidential – seems to have been the outlier. Tonight he was back to bloviating at length – insulting women, rival candidates, praising his own business interests and his own intellect. The first minute or so of his speech couldn’t be heard as a Rolling Stones song drowned him out over the PA system; unfortunately, the mistake was rectified.

Clinton in her speech debuted a “love trumps hate” line that will almost certainly be a rallying cry in the fall should Trump be her opponent. Instead of The Rolling Stones, the Clinton team played Eye of the Tiger for her to make her entrance to. Really, Eye of the Tiger? Yes, I get it, she was in Philadelphia, and so it’s a Rocky reference – ‘cos apparently that’s all Philadelphia is famous for… I guess I should be grateful she limited it to that and didn’t come out wearing an Eagles jersey and munching on a cheesesteak.

Barring some sudden revelation about Clinton – which, let’s face it, when dealing with the Clintons wouldn’t be entirely unsurprising – the Democratic race is over. Sanders’ statement following tonight can be read as an admission of such. It’s a statement about staying in until the convention to try and set the party’s agenda, not a statement about staying in to try and win the nomination – in that sense, it’s an acceptance of basic mathematics.

Next Tuesday will be another miserable, late night at the office for Anderson and Wolf; an evening of cold pizza in the green room while trying to avoid eye contact Jeffrey Lord. The poor bastards. Pity them.