Cruz picks Fiorina

by awindram

Watching Cruz announce Fiorina as his VP candidate, it’s the young woman stood behind Cruz that holds my attention. Such is the stage management of political campaigns she is almost certainly under strict instructions to sport as wide a grin as possible and to seem engaged in everything the candidate says. “Don’t just stand there like your Chris Christie,” was probably the brief. And so she reacts in a way no sentient being has ever before reacted to the words “Carly Fiorina” – screaming in delight, enraptured at the very thought of the former HP CEO. I’ll have what she’s having.

In fairness, this announcement makes sense as a way to get an increasingly Trump obsessed media to instead focus on the Cruz campaign with just a week remaining to Indiana. But in a world where the only path for Cruz to win the nomination is via a brokered convention, wouldn’t the VP slot be precisely one of those things the GOP would want to… well… broker?