The GOP’s dark night of the soul – Indiana Primary, 3 May 2016

by awindram

GOP – Trump wins Indiana

Dem – Sanders wins Indiana

Quick thoughts on the night:

So that’s it. The primary season is effectively over now. On a day that began with Trump making the bizarre (but in no way out of character for him) allegation that Ted Cruz’s father may have been involved in the Kennedy assassination, he ended it as the GOP presumptive nominee after Cruz suspended his campaign. Like a lingering odor, Kasich (the R.C. Cola of GOP candidates) is still there; officially now running fourth in a two-person race.

In one sense, Trump is the nation’s first infowars candidate. A person seemingly willing to believe the most ridiculous crackpot theories – Obama’s birth certificate, Rafael Cruz and JFK, etc. Had things been different and Trump not been born into money in New York, maybe he’d be hunkering down in his survivalist bunker in South Dakota..

Ignoring Kasich,* Trump is the last person standing. In the last year, this GOP nomination has played out like a sick, satirical rewrite of Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”.

Cruz had called Indiana his firewall; on the basis of tonight it must have been a crappy freeware one. It’s not over until the fat lady sings, or in this case until the thin, former HP executive sings. Cruz suspends his campaign, and this is a real testament to the odiousness of Trump and his willingness for personal attacks on other candidate’s family that I actually find myself feeling sorry for Cruz. Certainly I hope Heidi is booking herself a deserved spa day.

Trump in his speech claimed that he had won – “big-ly”. I guess that’s one way of putting it. Jesus wept. Remember those slightly unfair comic caricatures of George W. Bush and his mangled speech? That’s real life Trump. Bizarrely, Trump in his speech, when not mutilating the English language, attempted to be magnanimous about Cruz and “his whole beautiful family”. You don’t get to do that the same day you connect a guy’s father to the killing of the US President. He also made a promise to his voters that “we’ll be able to say Merry Christmas.” This isn’t (or shouldn’t be) an election promise, it’s a crappy Bill O’Reilly hobby horse.

God knows who is going to be his VP pick. I’m going to put a fiver on Gary Busey.

I’m guessing that Gary Johnson, if he runs on the Libertarian ticket, could get a lot of extra votes this November from those disaffected GOP #NeverTrump voters who can’t bring themselves to vote for Clinton.

So there we are. The presumptive Presidential nominee of the GOP is a man who made insinuations in a debate about the size of his penis. We’re number one!

We’re in a new paradigm, people. If Leicester City can win the Premiership, I’m not discounting Trump being able to win the Presidency.

On the Democratic side, Sanders won, but hardly makes a dent into Clinton’s delegate lead. In a telephone interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Sanders insisted that he was going to carry on through the rest of the primaries. “I have,” he said “45% of the popular vote, but only 7% of the superdelegates.” No offense Bernie, but I rather think you’re obfuscating here, having 45% of the popular vote in a two-person race is the bigger problem.






*And most of the cable news networks did ignore him. He’s increasingly starting to look like that one Science teacher you had at High School who last you heard had a breakdown and hit a kid in class.