Exit, John Kasich

by awindram

Back home in Ohio – the only state he was electorally relevant in – Kasich announced the suspension of his campaign.

It was striking – and surprising – that Kasich’s farewell speech was even more marked with religious flourishes than Cruz’s had been. Kasich spoke at length about the supporters that he had met on the campaign trail, those who had come to meet him and seemed overcome emotionally, even spiritually, by his campaign. I wouldn’t go so far as to say nothing in his campaign became him like the leaving it. Instead, he tried to take on the posture of a humble pastor, and, while not disparaging the sincerity of his faith, I did wonder if that was partly a stratagem by his communication team; play up Kasich as having been on a humbling journey of faith and in doing so hope that people don’t instead think that hanging around as long as he did was a futile, vainglorious quest that only made things easier for Trump.

It was a gray day here. I’m not too far from Trump Tower where the conspiracy theorist, demagogue, presumptive nominee and possible future President of the United States was being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer. For a while the heavens opened, unlike Kasich I don’t believe in an interventionist God, but perhaps, if he exists, he’s a demonstrably emotional one.