A change of pace

by awindram

Another plaintive evening frittered away watching election result coverage. At least there’s an element of variety tonight as, for once, it isn’t CNN and the US elections, but Sky News and the UK where tonight a sort of election hodgepodge is taking place (elections for a whole variety of things: London mayor, Scottish parliament, Welsh assembly, English councils, and a few Westminster by-elections). Importing one of the more asinine American political terms, it has been branded “Super Thursday”. Despite that, what is striking after vegetating for the last year on the febrile razzmatazz that is election coverage in the US, it is refreshing to be watching British news again. Even the studio colour palettes, brightly lit whites as opposed to somber blacks, seem soothing rather than agitating. Who knew I would ever watch Sky News (the only live feed I could find; I’d rather have the BBC or ITV) and find it calm and understated?