The Final Stretch – New Jersey, New Mexico, The Dakotas, Montana, California, 7 June 2016

by awindram

Symbolically, as the first female Presidential nominee, there’s a lot to admire – and indeed be moved – about Hillary winning the nomination; it’s as matriarch of clan Clinton, an ethically dubious family who too often appear aloof regarding the rules the rest of us must follow, where we run into problems with her.  And yet, there’s something fascinating about her intertwined career with her husband, and that she has been able in the last 15 years or so to shift from politician’s wife to politician and what that says about changing attitudes to woman in power. Even a casual reading of American Presidential history reveals that some of its most interesting and competent characters are to be found in the long list of impressive woman who, denied opportunity for themselves, pushed not-so-impressive husbands to power. It is as part of this tradition that the first half of Hillary’s public life should be viewed, but the second half of her public life coincides with a time with an improving (if far from perfect) culture for women in leadership positions that’s allowed her to lean in in a way her forebearers weren’t.

Sanders supporters waiting at his rally (still no speech at the time that I write this) have shouted bullshit to the news of Clinton’s nomination. At least, according to CNN they have. There’s still anger at the AP having announced the nomination for Clinton yesterday, a supposed sleight-of-hand as the AP was including Super Delegates in their count. Actually, let’s revise that: it’s not so much the anger as the irate conspiracy theory nonsense that it is producing that is the interesting part of it. It feeds further into the grievance that some Sanders supporters have as well as allowing them to cry foul. The conspiracy I’ve heard most today is that this was done to discourage Sanders supporters from going out to vote. If the Democrats had winner take all primaries as some of the GOP primaries are I could almost buy the logic of their argument (and that would still require me to ignore that this discourages Clinton voters just as much as Sanders voters), but when Sanders needed 72% of the vote tonight it starts to sound like excuse making.

Other immediate thoughts on tonight (i.e. reproducing my twitter feed)

Perverse as it may sound, I’m going to miss these primary results nights. I mean, how can I be expected to go back to mundane Tuesdays after all these Super Tuesdays?

Jeffrey Lord with a straight face on CNN just now: “He [Trump] hasn’t spoken that much about race.”

Been potty training a toddler for last days so I’ve had my quota of shit for the year, but darn it if Jeffrey Lord isn’t intent on adding to it.

Have the Germans come up with a word for the mixture of fascination, repulsion, and giddiness one gets from listening to a Trump speech?

By using a teleprompter tonight we’ll at least get to discover whether Trump can read or not.

A pox on the house of any Sanders supporter who falls for Trump’s siren call

Trump: “I’m going to fight for the American people like no one has ever fought before.” Assume he’s not going be captured then – those guys just weren’t fighting hard enough for the country.

Trump is just beyond parody. With a Trump Presidency is not so much the death of democracy that I’m all worried about so much as the death of satire. I mean how do you even go about caricaturing him? Rhetoric and looks – there’s nothing to amplify; he’s already at eleven.

A woman about to be nominated as Presidential candidate for one of the two main parties & yet people are tweeting about #thebachelorette. I’m all about us being hardwired for cognitive dissonance, but I still find myself depressed by that.

Clinton: “Bridges are better than walls.” Suspect we’ll be hearing that line a lot in the next few months.

Kind of amused that Clinton is speaking from that epicenter of Berniedom – Brooklyn.

Why do American politicians always have such dull musical choices for their rallies? Personally, I’d leave the stage to Sexy Boy by Air.

The Clinton problem (personal ethics to one side for a moment) is that she’s quite hard to get enthused about.

What the mainstream media isn’t telling you is that if Bernie wins California by 138% of the vote the nomination is his.

Paul Ryan in calling out Trump for unacceptable racist comment, but still sticking by him. I gave Ryan credit a few weeks back for seemingly being prepared to rebuke Trump. I take that back. I’m glad to see him looking so pitiful. It’s as if Ryan has sold his soul to the devil and got himself the shittiest deal in doing so – didn’t even get violin-playing skills from it.