90 long, dark nights for America: Vertigo

by awindram

Ninety long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Reuters just announced that Secret Service never spoke to me or my campaign. Made up story by is a hoax. Totally dishonest.”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “And, unlike , we’re gonna make it easier for people who *aren’t* celebrities to get apprenticeships.”

Daily election article of interest:  NRA Barks at Donald Trump’s ‘Second Amendment’ Dog Whistle

I have pathetically bad vertigo; like a worm I prefer burrowing myself under the surface . My wife’s suggestion that we go zip-lining on our honeymoon was met with near tears. Even when standing on terra firma and I just strain my head to look up at a tall building it will cause a sudden onset of dizziness and for me to struggle to maintain my balance (thinking about it, moving to Manhattan this year perhaps wasn’t the smartest of moves). If I actually find myself standing somewhere high I end up a gibbering mess, a disoriented fool that one could only pity.

So when I brought myself a few months back to look directly above me at Trump Tower I was filled with the usual nausea that I always get in those situations. I wanted to lie on the ground and take long, deep breaths; in fairness, that’s precisely what I want to do after any of Trump’s speeches.

A man equipped with suction cups (an inherently comic image) climbed that tower this evening; a tower I cannot even bring myself to look at properly. He is Steve from Virginia according to the news agencies, and like the truest of imbeciles  he possesses stupidity and bravery in equal measure. The assumption was that he was probably a Trump protestor, but as of writing the theory is that he is a Trump supporter, albeit a disturbed one (or is disturbed Trump supporter a tautology?)

It’s a peculiar truth that the actions of Steve from Virginia, a deranged and unhinged Trump supporter, distracted momentarily the news media from the controversy over Trump’s comments yesterday and whether they might inflame deranged and unhinged Trump supporters.