88 long, dark nights for America: “… and I approve this ad.”

by awindram

Eighty-eight long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “I love watching these poor, pathetic people (pundits) on television working so hard and so seriously to try and figure me out. They can’t!”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “LGBT kids are perfect the way they are. They deserve love and acceptance—not bullying and violence.”

Daily election article of interest:  Trump’s plan for the economy: Scrimping on sense

Can an election bring about a calenture or is this schizoid political season just its delirium playing out in my head?

Obviously these blog posts are a countdown, a way of marking down each passing night before the election, but they do result in me thinking way too much about Trump and Clinton before I sleep, allowing them to infect my dreams. Tonight I’ll probably dream of Trump and a stuffed crust pizza.

You almost admire the brazen effrontery of a man who can appear in an advertisement such as this* and still think he can run for the highest office. You do know if he wins the White House he is going to turn the Presidential Address into an infomercial, don’t you?





* We also need to address the cringe-worthy sight of a New Yorker shilling themselves for Pizza Hut – a product no self-respecting New Yorker would ever let pass their lips. Eating Pizza Hut certainly does not reflect New York values; although as last night’s post made clear Trump does not possess the greatest of palates – he probably enjoyed this.