83 long, dark nights for America: Mosquito bite

by awindram

Eighty-three long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for another generation of poverty, high crime, & lost opportunities.

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Donald Trump just hired the head of an extreme, right-wing “news” organization to run his campaign.”

Daily election article of interest: The Week Democracy Died

Helicopters will fly across parts of the city tonight where they will douse the ground beneath them with zika-neutralizing larvicides. As an image it is faintly nightmarish, something that belongs in the opening of an airport novel that is heavy on the apocalyptic overtones. As much as I might find the idea of them spraying Trump Tower appropriate, I assume (unfortunately) that they will actually be keeping to those areas nearest stagnant water.

If anything today’s news shows that stagnancy at Trump HQ is being allowed to fester. The only gnat being neutralized there is the sinisterly fey Manafort who has been cut down to irrelevancy by the appointment of Steve Bannon, an executive at Breitbart, as the Trump campaign chief executive. For all the faults of Manafort it had been hoped that he might bring a degree of professionalism to the Trump campaign. Trump, according to the Guardian, “is thought to blame his sliding poll numbers on attempts by Manafort and others to rein in his unpredictable campaign style with a more professional approach.

If the last few weeks have shown us a candidate constrained by adult supervision, god help us now that he is free of it…