76 long, dark nights for America: Featuring Special Guest Star – Nigel Farage

by awindram

Seventy-six long, dark nights to go.

Trump’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “Great Governor is in Indiana to help lead the relief efforts after tornadoes struck. True leadership.”

Clinton’s Daily Twitter Highlight: “”He is taking a hate movement mainstream. He has brought it into his campaign.” —Hillary to on Trump.'”

Daily election article of interest: Trump Is Making More States Competitive. Red States.

Like the jingoistic Toad of Toad Hall he is, Farage poop-pooped his way across the Atlantic all the way to the unlikely setting of Jackson, Mississippi where he testified on the virtues of Brexit to the Trump faithful.

It was the first time these two demagogues, yoked together by their populism, had come face-to-face, an arrangement orchestrated by Bannon, Trump’s new campaign chief. Not that I imagine there was much in the way of name recognition for Farage in Jackson. This is the sort of audience that would respond deliriously to the crazed evangelizing of a Sarah Palin, that’s how you stump on the right here, and Farage’s plain-talking John Bullshit geezer persona just doesn’t resonate – it’s too alien.

That’s ultimately what Trump and Farage have in common, their particular brand of demagoguery doesn’t maintain its potency when – somewhat appropriate for nativists – it is removed from its native soil. Something is lost in the translation, and I think it is the underlying seriousness of them as public figures. We can all laugh and make the same rote observations about them: the Cheetos orange skin tone, the curious bouffant, that every Farage photo op must take place in a pub and have him holding a full pint of ale. From a distance that is the indelible image – the clown as politician, it makes you wonder just who are these idiots cheering for them, voting for them? But up close, and particularly if you are their potential constituent, then at a certain point there is the realization that that “funny” speech is made for you, and for your neighbors, and for your colleagues, and then you notice that it is your colleagues, and your neighbors, even you, who are responding viscerally to it and … well … then they don’t seem quite so funny after all.

Just seventy-six more dreams to go.